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We believe in strong, long term partnerships and this is reflected in our operating principles. Not only do we give you an opportunity to earn solid commissions but we also provide the tools that make super affiliates!

We help ensure your success by offering services that build a solid foundation for our long term partnership.

Affiliate Program Benefits

    • Tier 2 system!

    • Instant activation

    • Account overview

    • Edit account

    • Newsletter [optional]

    • News [optional]

    • Banners links

    • Text links

    • Links to site, category, or product!

    • Affiliate referrals are good for any purchases made in 60 days!

    • Clickthough report

    • Sales report

  • Payment report

Place a link or banner on your website and earn money today!
Start making money with that empty space on your website.

We offer 15-20% commissions to our affiliate members. It's easy and it's completely FREE.
How does it work?
It's so simple that all you have to do is place a text link or a banner on your website promoting and we will pay you 15-20% commission on all sales generated from your site. We'll provide you with the banners and links to our site, so you can begin generating commissions immediately.

Why should you become a affiliate?

For the money? Why not earn extra money for that empty space on your website. Just browse through our online store. We think you'll agree we've got great products and so will the customers that you refer to us. When customers find us they usually buy something because we've got really great products at great prices. Those sales can mean big commission checks for you. Why not give us a try. It's free. Once you sign up the approval is instant and you can start earning money immediately.
For the karma? When you help PeruPuppets, you help disadvantaged women in Lima, Peru. That's why we do it. Maybe it will feed your soul as well as your bank account.
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More Information:

Affiliate programs work, and becoming an affiliate with us is quick and easy. It's fully automated so all that you have to do is place a hyperlink from your site to ours. We'll provide you with the links, logos, text or banners and all you have to do is put them on your site, sit back, and collect money!

We take care of the hard part. We process and ship the orders, handle all the customer service issues, and supply you with timely reports on how much money we owe you! The customers will get great deals on pheromone products. We'll make a sale. You'll get generous commission checks. Everybody wins.

Our affiliate software is fully automated so you can always log on to our administration screen and check on your referrals and how much commission money we owe you! We also have a dedicated in-house affiliate team to help you out in any way that we can.

We'll pay you 15-20% commission. We'll cut you a check (or PayPal) once per month.

Let's face it, everyone jumps back and forth between a gazillion web pages, why not get paid if they jump to our page? We're a very easy company to deal with. We'll offer you prompt payments, helpful customer service for any questions you might have, and it's OK if you have competitors' links on your site.

Once you sign up and are approved you can start earning money immediately.

Commission Rate:
Our commission rate is 15-20% for 60 days. That's 15-20% on products purchased within 60 days of the initial referral!
Compare that with most other affiliate programs. Most people have a very short term memory when it comes to who referred a visitor to their website.

Commissions are held for 30 days after the month's end so as to ensure payment from the end user, to make sure there are no credit card chargebacks or returned merchandise. In the event of returns or nonpayment your account will be debited for your commissions.

Register as an affiliate NOW and start making money today!